How a clean office can boost productivity

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This week’s blog is a fantastic guest blog from the Cleaning Services Group.

“How can a tidy desk or an absence of litter have any bearing on the quality and quantity of work you get done, I hear you ask? If you want the answer, read below to the infographic from Cleaning Services Group.

When we operate in a clean environment, our minds are much clearer than in a setting where there is litter and distractions. We are far likelier to persevere with difficult talks in a clean office than a filthy one, as our minds are sharper. Also, staff in a well-maintained office will probably be able to track down important documents without delay, rather than rummaging through piles of papers in search of just one manuscript. Furthermore, we will naturally be more motivated to do our best in a clean office, as it is demoralising to come into a cluttered, unsanitary environment every day.

Whether it’s setting aside a bit of time at the end of the week, implementing a strict ‘clean desk’ policy, or whatever other approaches work, management should actively encourage everyone in a workplace to keep it as clean as possible so that they can produce the best work possible.”

How a clean office can boost productivity