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Vegan By Definition

Vegan by dictionary definition ‘a person who does not eat or use animal products’, this is a very simplistic definition, factually correct (obviously) but I think the true definition is a lot deeper and more meaningful. Veganism has risen massively in the last 5 years, with people choosing to introduce it into their life with […]

Physical Health and Metal Health hand in hand

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How physical wellbeing improves mental wellbeing

A 2018 Health and Safety Executive (HSE) study found employers lost over 30 million working days due to absences from work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2017/18. With this in mind, more employers are recognising the effects of investing in the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. As well as recognising the […]

5 top tips to look after yourself at work

Eating well, Mental Wellbeing, Office Productivity

5 Simple Steps to help you look after you better

This is nothing new, but I hope some reminders and easy ideas that can be quickly and easily introduced into your working day that will make you feel better.  Drink more water How many cups of tea or coffee do you have a day? Could you trade 1 or 2 of those cups for a […]

Eating well, Mental Wellbeing

Lettuce Be Happy – A positive link between mental well being and the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

New Research by Leeds and York Universities shows the positive effect of eating fruit and vegetables on mental well being! Between 2010 and 2017 a research project (Lettuce Be Happy) has been underway looking at the relationship of eating more fruit and vegetables and the effect on mental well being. It’s well documented of the […]

Eating well

Fruity February – Create amazing flavour combinations to banish boring fruit!

With love in the air in February we thought it would be a great time to look at some flavour ‘pairings’ to keep your fruit interesting. Fruit doesn’t have to be a boring banana or apple – by simply combining a couple of flavours it can turn something mundane into a taste sensation. Apple – […]

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20 Gadgets to Boost Productivity!

Stuck for what to get someone for Christmas? The helpful people at Red Bull have come up with a great list of interesting gadgets to help boost productivity. Personally, I think the noise cancelling headphones would be the best gadget to help with my productivity, as I really struggle in noisy/busy offices to concentrate and […]

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Prevention is better than cure!

On November 5th the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock released a document called “Prevention is better than cure; our vision to help you live well for longer” the document covers many areas, one being The Workplace. The document explains “The way jobs are designed makes an important difference. The features […]

To snack or not to snack blog

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To snack or not to snack…

… that is a good question. The definition of Snack in the dictionary is ‘a small amount of food eaten between meals’, but is snacking actually good for us? The word ‘snack’ is often automatically linked to crisps, chocolate, cakes and other high fat/high sugar items which are quick to grab and eat. In the […]

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How a clean office can boost productivity

This week’s blog is a fantastic guest blog from the Cleaning Services Group. “How can a tidy desk or an absence of litter have any bearing on the quality and quantity of work you get done, I hear you ask? If you want the answer, read below to the infographic from Cleaning Services Group. When […]

Top 10 Healthiest Fruits

Eating well

Top 10 Healthiest Fruits

As the saying goes, we should ‘eat the rainbow’, and fruit definitely qualifies with plenty of colourful options, each giving their own nutritional benefits. So which ones should we be eating for maximum nutrition? As always a balanced approach is the best and having a good mixture of various fruits will help you all round. […]