Which areas do you deliver to?
We can deliver nationwide using our delivery partner – if the normal post and parcel companies can reach you, then so can we! We don’t think anyone should miss out on this opportunity so we want to make sure a small business off the beaten track can receive our yummy boxes as easily as the big city companies.

Is there a delivery charge?
No. We wanted to make it simple and clear what you are paying for, so all delivery charges are included in the box price.

Can we choose which day we receive our delivery?
Our set delivery day is a Tuesday – “Why a Tuesday?” we hear you ask; this allows us to get the freshest of produce in on a Monday, and hand pick it ready to be delivered to you on Tuesdays. Fresh is best!

Which payment methods do you accept?
The beauty of our site is being able to set up a regular payment: simply set it up once using your preferred card details and receive repeat orders until you choose to stop. This takes the hard work out of someone having to place weekly orders – your payment is made automatically and we take care of the rest!
We use a secure payment method called Stripe, so we do not hold any of your bank details on our site.

Can we order several boxes for delivery to different addresses?
Yes! ☺ And it is easy to set up – simply follow the instructions on the Basket page as you place your order.
We can also organise it all to be charged to your Head Office or individual offices, whichever suits you and your business best.

If you have a large number of offices please contact us directly and we can advise the quickest way to input the details and set up your orders.

Can we request different items in our box?
Unfortunately not, but we would love your feedback and we aim to adjust our content accordingly. The content on some boxes will be changed regularly to keep them interesting, as we know getting the same thing over and over again can get boring!

Can we skip a delivery?
Yes, you have full control of your subscription. You can pause your subscription if necessary and it will automatically restart after the pause to make sure you don’t miss out on the deliciousness for too long. A pause can be activated within your account details once you have logged in. If a longer pause is needed, or you need help, please contact us directly.

What if our order arrives damaged?
We really hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does please take a couple of photos (preferably of the damage) and email them to hello@snacksandco.co.uk, we will take a look and be in contact with you ASAP to arrange a suitable action (refund/redeliver).

Can we take a break from deliveries over Christmas and New Year?
Absolutely! We have already thought about this, mainly because it involves time off and lots of food, but anyway back on topic… We understand that a lot of business have time off or run skeleton staff over Christmas and New Year and wouldn’t want to be receiving the boxes during this period (this will mainly affect those who receive weekly boxes). We will automatically reduce your payment at the end of November to cover the break; if you wish to continue over this period then contact us directly by email to hello@snacksandco.co.uk to arrange this.

Why do some boxes have VAT on and others don’t?
This is a little complicated and caused us a lot of headaches but we got there in the end! Basically all fruit and some healthy snacks are VAT exempt, but unfortunately, some snacks include VAT, so those boxes that include these products have to include VAT. Your invoice shows VAT so if you are VAT registered then this will be reclaimable in the normal way. Boxes that include VAT are marked on the product pages and VAT is added to your total monthly cost.

Can we gift the box to another company or have it as a one-off ourselves?
Yes, we love this idea of businesses gifting each other! Just select your box and click on ‘one-off’, then fill in the details. Remember to put their address in the delivery details. We can include a message from you so they know where it has come from; just pop your message in the ‘order notes’ sections under the delivery address.
If you just want a one-off for your own workplace, maybe you want to try a different box before committing to a subscription then select your box and press the one off.
Delivery of one-off boxes is made on the Tuesday after the order is placed.

Need more information? Send us your questions in an email to hello@snacksandco.co.uk or use the automated form on our Contact page.