Vegan By Definition

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Vegan by dictionary definition ‘a person who does not eat or use animal products’, this is a very simplistic definition, factually correct (obviously) but I think the true definition is a lot deeper and more meaningful.

Veganism has risen massively in the last 5 years, with people choosing to introduce it into their life with some fully embracing the vegan lifestyle and others choosing to go vegan one day a week with such movements as ‘Meat-free Mondays‘ . The vegan movement has been so powerful that it seems to have taken a fraction of the time for veganism to reach the same accessibility as vegetarianism with restaurants, supermarkets and clothing brands reacting to the movement and therefore making veganism more accessible to the masses.

There are many reasons people are choosing a vegan diet/lifestyle, the top 3 reasons (in no particular order) being Health, Animal Welfare and the Environment, for further information on the benefits of each of these here are links to Vegan Society website –

Health –
Animal Welfare –
Environment –

Ensuring a balanced vegan diet is key to this lifestyle, most nutrients your body needs can be gained from a varied balanced vegan diet. The nutrients vegan diets can lack if they are not varied enough are calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Ensuring leafy green vegetables and pulses are included in your diet will help your body gain calcium and iron, for B12 you will need to look for fortified products such as breakfast cereals and unsweetened soya drinks.

For more information on a vegan diet head to the NHS live well eat well pages

With more and more recipes, meal ideas and vegan products accessible to us and the lifestyle here to stay are you interested in trying to introduce veganism into your life? Are you trying Veganuary this year? Do you try to have a meat-free day a week? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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